Quite simply, it's the ultimate design experience set in beautiful Telluride Colorado.


The Telluride Art + Architecture Weekend is the ultimate home tour for the connoisseur. Linger at each venue for an intimate peek into the work of our local architects, designers, artists, and chefs who provide home tours, art exhibits, performances, and food and wine tastings at each stop on the tour.

Two Days. Ten Venues.

Over the course of two days, the self-guided tour will span five different stops per day, ten over the weekend. The tour will include new and historic homes, and one creative venue daily. Each venue will feature home tours with on-site architects and designers, tastings by local chefs with wine pairings in the kitchen, and rooms featuring the works of local artists.

Day and Weekend Tickets Available.

With your ticket, you will receive a guidebook that provides information about each stop on the tour, and the creative team of architects, chefs, artists and designers on site.

 Stephanie Morgan Rogers, Team Little Box, 2016

Stephanie Morgan Rogers, Team Little Box, 2016

Architect and Prize winner Narcis Tudor. 2015


As a two-day pass holder, you will cast your vote for the most stellar project of the weekend at the end of the Weekend. 

All 10 teams showcased during the tour are eligible for the Audience Choice Team Prize.  Weekend pass holders cast votes at Headquarters. An expert panel will also award a Juried Individual Prize based on the most outstanding single artists of the weekend. 



Audience Choice Team Prize

$3,000 Awarded to Entire Team/Venue: The Grateful Eight, Spruce House Team

 Juried Individual Awards

$1,000 First Place: Sarah Gluckstern, Homeowner/Curator

$500 Catherine Frank, Designer

$500 Katy Parnello, Artist

Mountain Living Editor's Choice Award

Awarded to: Aerie Galena

Eric Cummings, Architect, Studio Frank, Interiors

The Mountain Living Editor's Choice Award recognizes the home with the most creative and functional architecture, craftsmanship, and interior design. The award also considers sensitivity of the design to the existing environment as well as integration of the interior and exterior design.

The winner of the award will receive digital coverage of the home - published on MountainLiving.com and promoted through our Out & About e-newsletter (audience of more than 50K; $1,500 value).


We Also Provide:

Site-Specific Grant for Artists

Chef's Stipends

 Team Telluride Downtown, 2016

Team Telluride Downtown, 2016