Art + Architecture Site Specific Artist Grant

This grant is available to support artists to produce new, site-specific work as part of the Telluride Art + Architecture Weekend. 

Applications are now being accepted from artists in need of funding up to $500 to create site-specific work for the 2019 Art + Architecture Weekend.

The new grant encourages artists to create site-specific work, in any creative discipline – visual arts, film, theatre, dance, music, etc. that is created specifically for the Telluride Art + Architecture Weekend home tour.  Culinary artists are not eligible, as they automatically qualify for a $900 stipend to cover food costs associated with the event. Telluride Arts will help connect artists with a venue and coordinate with the homeowners and other site team members, if needed.

The grants will be awarded on a rolling deadline until funds are fully dispersed, or May 1st, 2019 whichever comes sooner. Early applications are recommended.


Name *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
If you don't have a venue in mind yet, please describe the environment that would best suit your project.
Please describe the time and process involved in installing the work and taking it down.
Up to $500
If your total budget exceeds your requested amount, how else do you plan to fund the project?
Please list, in detail, project expenses.
Provide a link to your info on your website, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Provide a link to your info on your website, Google Drive or Dropbox.
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In order to be eligible for a Small Grant the following must be true. By checking the box you agree that:

Flair Robinson. Art + Architecture 2016. Team Teepeetopia.

Flair Robinson. Art + Architecture 2016. Team Teepeetopia.

We recommend you write your application narrative in a word doc and then cut and paste into the online form. Check your links to worksamples and resumes to be sure that they work.  The jury will judge your artistic excellence primarily on your worksamples, so be sure they are of the highest quality.  

No question is too stupid, so call us, email us, or stop by to get what you need to make a strong proposal. 970-728-3930 or email or come see us between 12-6pm at 135 W Pacific Avenue.


Applications must be made in the name of an individual artist or a team of artists. Organizations are not eligible. An "artist" is broadly defined, and includes design, performing, literary, music, film, media and fine artists of all kinds. If the request is for a collaborative project, one artist must act as the lead applicant and take responsibility for fulfillment of the grant requirements.

  • Applicant is 18 or older.

  • For collaborative projects, please include work samples and relevant information on all artists involved in the project.

  • The applicant must be a practicing artist, defined as one who is dedicated to producing work - and/or advancing their craft on a regular basis.

  • The applicant must submit a completed application on the form provided by the due date.

** Two-dimensional work that simply needs to be installed will not be funded, but can still be shown (and sold). Email if interested.


  • Artistic excellence.

  • Relation of proposed work to site and A+A event participants

  • Quality of the proposed project and use of funds.

  • Professional application.

  • Thoughtful, realistic planning, presentation, budget and timeline for the project.

For more information or help with the application, please contact us.


Make an appointment to get tips and more information on the grant seeking process.

Telluride Arts is a community arts organization, serving artists since 1971. Find us at our offices across from the library at 135 West Pacific Avenue, or online at, at TellurideArts on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, or call us 970.728.3930.